Luppa anonymity: how we achieved it and why you shouldn't be concerned

You are probably aware of how difficult it is to obtain unfiltered feedback from employees. Many of them are afraid to express their concerns or dissatisfaction with their employer for fear of being called out. It frequently results in incorrect data and the inability to make effective action plans. That is why providing an avenue for anonymous feedback within your organization is critical. Luppa is a third-party tool designed to be anonymous from the ground up to provide accurate results of employee satisfaction and engagement. Here is a rundown of all the actions we are doing to achieve this goal.

Luppa anonymity

We understand the importance of privacy and put special focus on this. To achieve this, the main tool we use is data anonymity. When somebody answers the questions, we don’t store that person's name, email, or any other personal identifier. Instead, we store survey results in another database table with filter data (gender, team, office, etc.). Therefore, there is no way of connecting results with name or email. Here is an example of a database row:

  • Gender: Male
  • Office: London
  • Age: 25-30
  • Question ID: 53
  • Grade: 4

Company anonymity

Apart from Luppa strategies, which are sufficient to ensure respondents' anonymity, the business organization, as the survey's conductor, has additional systems in place to protect employees' anonymity.

While conducting Deep Dive or Pulse survey, a third-party tool is used to avoid having access to data. In other words, they never have direct access to their employees' responses by name, email address, or any other way except as grouped visual reports that are filtered, for example, by country, office, or department, but never by each employee individually.

​​In the case of smaller teams with only a few employees, companies are encouraged to organize those into larger groups with not less than five, but ideally at least ten employees for the purpose of data analysis. This is an additional step every organization can make to ensure the employees' anonymity.

Individual’s anonymity

You can feel free and safe to give your answers while filling out the Deep Dive and Pulse surveys because your name or email address will never be disclosed. With such freedom, you can actively participate in the creation of a better place to work and enable your employer to create the required action plans that will work toward better satisfaction and engagement. 

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