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Whether your employees work from home or you lack dedicated HR personnel for this critical topic, empower your organization with valuable employee satisfaction data that provides objective feedback. With a single click, you can boost productivity and employee engagement while also gaining valuable insights.


Why is Luppa “the” tool for small organizations?

  • Save on recruitment and training costs

    Improve financial performance by lowering hiring costs, increasing productivity, and building a more stable and engaged team.

  • Identify issues early

    Address and resolve potential problems before they become larger issues that could impact employee morale and productivity.

  • Gain a competitive advantage in the job market

    Satisfied employees tend to be more productive, motivated, and engaged in their work, leading to better business outcomes.


Reduce turnover

  • Address retention issues to avoid costly disruptions to operations
  • Satisfied employees foster loyalty and commitment to the organization
  • High employee satisfaction enhances organizational reputation
  • Employee-centric approach can lead to increased employee satisfaction and retention

Gain exceptional insights despite limited staff

  • Efficient and quick collection of employee data even without a dedicated HR personnel
  • Minimal time, effort, and resources required for data collection
  • Streamlined process for efficient data gathering
  • Easy to understand, but super deep analysis

Make informed decision-making

  • Employee feedback can provide valuable insights for improving policies and procedures
  • Investing in employee satisfaction can lead to better productivity, efficiency, and profitability
  • By analyzing the results, decision-makers can pinpoint areas that need improvement and make informed decisions on how to address them
  • Identify the drivers of employee engagement and take actions to enhance it

  • The tool is simple to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to monitor and moderate the survey while it is open, which was useful to us during the process management. The anonymity of the questionnaire is a significant benefit because it allows our employees to provide us with honest feedback without hesitation. Using Luppa allowed us to see the state of the organization more clearly, allowing us to make decisions that actively contribute to the development of employee satisfaction.

    Martina Verović
    Human Resources Director, Rimac Automobili
  • Very intuitive tool. It has all the features we’ve needed for detailed analysis and drawing conclusions, as well as creating an action plan. The characteristics that impressed us the most were the trends that have been displayed in several ways, either graphically or numerically. Extracting reports and a very clear overview of average grades at all levels within the tool are also a big advantage.

    Marija Hrebac Hlobik
    HR Manager, ASEE
  • We are satisfied with the Luppa tool as a solution that allows us to easily conduct research and quickly access the results. We appreciate the entire team’s willingness to quickly adapt and improve the tool in response to our needs. We are especially pleased with the continued focus on improvements and all the additional possibilities that have been announced within the tool in the future.

    Lorena Dika
    Human Resources Director, JGL
  • Digital media companies such as Telegram operate in a highly dynamic market that constantly necessitates new skills, knowledge, and adaptations. In this perplexing environment, employee satisfaction is critical, and Luppa is an essential tool for listening to our employees. Without exaggeration, Luppa has opened up whole new possibilities for us and provided critical insights into the health of our organization

    Miran Pavić
    CEO, Telegram Media Group

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