Frequently asked questions

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  • Luppa provides the best visualization and presentation of all data, and yes, it is fully automated! It is entirely up to you when you want to conduct the employee satisfaction survey, and we will take care of the rest.

  • Yes, from the ground up, Luppa was developed around privacy & anonymity. You as an organization will not have individual employee data then only aggregated and grouped results. To learn more, click here.

    Also, during the onboarding process, we will support you on communication before, while conducting survey and after how to communicate and educate employees about anonymity to achieve the biggest possible response rate as well as candour and data quality.

  • Deep Dive survey provides super in-depth analytics with 12 dimensions and 100+ factors.  Pulse survey is much shorter (only 16 factors) but is executed monthly to follow monthly trends.

  • Yes, the Luppa is GDPR compliant.

    While it collects some personal data such as employee satisfaction results, data is stored anonymized which means that any personal data collected cannot be linked to any identifiable individual. All reporting is done only on an agregated basis which means that the data collected is not being used to profile or target individuals. Instead, the reports only provide broad insights into trends and patterns across the data set. Furthermore, Luppa does not collect any employee-sensitive personal data such as passwords or credit card information.

    Overall, the Luppa has been designed with privacy and security in mind, and is fully GDPR compliant. To learn more, read our privacy policy.

  • It depends on employee engagement and communication prior to conducting the survey. From our data, the response rate fluctuates from 60%-90%. Also, we developed smart reminders to help you remind employees who didn’t finish yet. They are designed not to disturb employees who already finished and focus only on the ones who didn’t finish yet. Don’t worry! During the onboarding process, we will support you and help how to communicate what and why you are doing it for the biggest response rate.

  • Yes, there is. From our data, roughly 10% of employees finish Deep Dive survey without carefully reading all the questions. But, don’t worry, we have you covered! We have developed control questions that are detecting employees’ answers in this category and those results are automatically removed.

  • To develop the best possible questions, we partnered with leading scientists, analyzed years of data and validated all the factors and dimensions with the goal of offering you the best possible factors and reports, saving you time and offering benchmarks for every segment. If you think something is missing, you can always add extra questions or even go with the custom survey (in dependence with your package).

  • We invested a ton of time and resources in creating the best possible reports so you don’t have to. All reports are clear, easy to use, informative and integrated with our benchmark system. Still, where it made sense, some parts can be adapted to your organization’s needs and will be covered during the onboarding process.

  • Yes, but it is a custom request and is considered an extra charge. If interested, contact us. However, for most of the organizations, there is no need. Our recommendations regarding employee management are: Small companies (a few dozen employees), use Luppa admin to update the database. Medium-sized companies (<5000 employees), use Luppa admin with an import feature to update the database.

    A large organization (5000+ employees), connect to HRIS.

  • Yes. You can brand all the surveys with your logo, you can change all the email communication according to your tone of voice as well as send all email communication from your email domain. For feature availability, check your package on the pricing page.

  • Yes, you can download any report whenever you want as PDF.

  • We have a few options:

    – Recommended: we will create a digital survey for every employee and you will make it available on a computer in your organization.

    – Employees without computer access will get the print version of the survey and somebody from your team will enter the data into the system.

    – Employees without computer access will get the print version of the survey and we will enter the data into the system (extra cost per employee).

  • Don’t worry, we are offering local languages. This means every employee can get a questionnaire in their preferred language.

  • Yes. If employee leaves, old aggregated data does not change.


  • Yes, we do offer discounts on our products and services, primarily on volume purchases and advance payments.


    If your company is bigger than 50 employees, you are eligible for a volume discount. You can calculate amounts on the pricing page or contact us. We would be happy to discuss potential discounts with you. 


    Additionally, if you are able to make an advance annual payment for our products or services, we may be able to offer you a discount. 


    If you have any questions about our discount policies or would like to inquire about a potential discount for your specific order, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help and provide additional information.


    No, you can conduct both surveys as often as you prefer, in accordance with the product package you took.

    But, from our experience, we recommend going with 1 or 2 Deep Dive surveys per year, which will offer you sufficient data with a maximum response rate.

    For Pulse, we suggest going with monthly Pulse to have real monthly trends and to be able to act as soon as new data is in.

  • No problem, every month or quarter Luppa will charge you extra for additional employees. If you grow significantly, contact us because there is a chance that you are eligible for bigger volume discounts.

  • In this case, you can reduce number of licences to number agreed in contract. Unfortunately, not more because the contractual price was calculated on contractual number of employees and cannot be changed. When contracting Luppa, if you think there is a bigger risk of decreasing number of employees, we suggest to agree on a  smaller number of licences to be on a safe side. Additional employees can always be charged extra.

  • A dedicated customer success manager will support you every step of the way. Support includes all onboarding activities to set you up, lead you through all product features and possibilities and most important: how to extract the biggest value from Luppa for your organization.

  • Yes, the system only calculates the total number of licences, nevertheless who uses them.