Frequently asked questions

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Features & Functionalities

  • Yes, Luppa processes all data automatically. Our system provides advanced visualization and presentation of survey results, allowing you to focus on understanding the insights rather than managing the data collection. You can schedule surveys at your convenience, and the tool will handle the rest, ensuring seamless and automated data processing.

  • Absolutely! Luppa was developed with a strong emphasis on privacy and anonymity. Employee responses are aggregated and anonymized, processed and analyzed at a group level, ensuring that individual data cannot be traced back to specific individual employees’ names or emails.


    During the onboarding process, we assist you in communicating this to your employees to maximize response rates and data quality. Learn more.

  • Deep Dive survey offers comprehensive analytics across 12 dimensions and over 100 factors, providing in-depth insights into employee satisfaction and engagement. The Pulse survey, on the other hand, is shorter, covering 16 factors, and is designed to track trends on a monthly basis. Both survey types complement each other to provide a holistic view of employee engagement.

  • While it’s up to you, we recommend conducting 1-2 Deep Dive surveys per year to gather comprehensive data and monthly Pulse surveys to track ongoing trends. This approach provides a balanced view of long-term and short-term employee engagement metrics.


    Learn more about how and when to conduct effective surveys on our blog.

  • Yes, Luppa allows you to compare Pulse dimension results to Deep Dive dimension results . This feature enables you to track changes and trends over time, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of your initiatives and areas for improvement.

  • Absolutely, Luppa enables employees to elaborate each question and their given score with additional comments, enriching the quantitative data with valuable qualitative insights.

  • Depending on the package, Luppa’s powerful feature Manager View feature allows you to assign permissions to managers, providing them with access to analyze data for their specific organizational areas directly within the tool. This empowers managers to independently review and derive insights, fostering accountability and informed decision-making throughout your organization.

  • Yes, Luppa is fully GDPR compliant.


    While it collects some personal data, it is stored in an anonymized manner, ensuring that no individual can be identified from the data. Our reporting focuses on aggregated insights rather than individual profiles. We do not collect sensitive personal data such as passwords or credit card information.

  • Response rates typically range from 60% to 90%, depending on employee engagement and pre-survey communication. Luppa includes smart reminders that target only those who haven’t completed the survey, enhancing response rates without disturbing those who have already responded. During onboarding, we provide guidance on effective communication strategies to maximize participation.

  • Yes, sending too many reminders can increase the risk of employees providing rushed or inattentive responses. Our data shows that roughly 10% of employees might complete the Deep Dive survey without carefully reading all the questions.


    To address this, Luppa includes a control system that assesses respondent attentiveness and filters out unreliable data. This system eliminates inaccurate responses, ensuring the quality and reliability of the survey results. Even a small percentage of faulty responses can significantly impact survey outcomes, so maintaining data quality is crucial for informed HR decision-making.

  • While Luppa’s questions are developed in partnership with leading scientists and based on extensive data analysis to provide the best possible insights, saving you time and offering benchmarks for every segment, if you believe something is missing, you can add your own custom questions to the existing ones. You can also create entirely custom surveys depending on your package, ensuring you gather precise insights relevant to your unique context.

  • We’ve invested significant time and resources into creating the most comprehensive, insightful, and automated reports to streamline your experience. Our reports are designed to be clear, easy to use, and informative, incorporating extensive benchmarking to provide valuable insights. Still, where it made sense, some parts can be adapted to your organization’s needs which will be covered during the onboarding process.

  • Yes, Luppa can be integrated with your HRIS, although this is considered a custom request and may incur an additional charge. Your designated CSM can assist on this matter. For most organizations, the built-in Luppa admin and import features of Luppa are sufficient, but we offer tailored solutions for larger organizations with more complex needs.

  • Yes, depending on your package, Luppa allows you to brand surveys with your logo, customize email communications to match your tone of voice, and send emails from your domain. This feature enhances your organization’s identity and ensures consistency in your communications.

  • Yes, you can download any report from Luppa at any time in PDF format. This ensures you have offline access to the data and can easily share it with management, leadership or stakeholders.

  • Ensuring all employees can participate in surveys is essential for gathering comprehensive insights. Luppa supports various solutions to accommodate employees without computer access, with consultation from customer success manager ensuring optimal choices:


    – Email

    – SMS

    – Central workstations

    – QR code

    – Pen & paper surveys


    By utilizing these distribution methods, you can ensure broader participation, higher response rates, and ultimately gather actionable data to drive informed decision-making. Learn more about the best ways and practices that surveys can be distributed on our blog.

  • Luppa supports multiple languages, ensuring every employee can participate in their preferred language. This inclusivity ensures accurate and comprehensive feedback from all employees.

  • Yes, deactivating an employee account does not affect the historical data. Aggregated data remains intact, ensuring continuity in your trend analysis and reporting.


  • Yes, we do offer discounts on our products and services, primarily on volume purchases and advance payments.


    If your company is bigger than 50 employees, you are eligible for a volume discount. You can calculate amounts on the pricing page or contact us. We would be happy to discuss potential discounts with you. 


    Additionally, if you are able to make an advance annual payment for our products or services, we may be able to offer you a discount. 


    If you have any questions about our discount policies or would like to inquire about a potential discount for your specific order, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help and provide additional information.

  • If your organization grows beyond the number of employees included in your purchased package, Luppa will charge you for each additional employee during the subsequent billing period according to the terms of the contract. However, if your growth is substantial, we encourage you to reach out to us as you may qualify for larger volume discounts.

  • In the case of a decrease of your employees, you have the option to reduce the number of licenses to the agreed-upon amount specified in the contract. However, please note that the contractual price was calculated based on the agreed-upon number of employees and cannot be adjusted.


    When initially contracting with Luppa, if you anticipate the possibility of a decrease in your workforce, we recommend agreeing to a smaller number of licenses as a precautionary measure.


    Additional employees beyond the contracted amount can always be accommodated for an additional charge.

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager guides you through the entire onboarding process, which includes setup, training on product features, and strategies for maximizing the value of Luppa. This ensures a smooth transition and effective use of the platform from the start, empowering you to enhance employee satisfaction and engagement effortlessly.

  • Yes, licenses in Luppa are not tied to individual employees but to the total number of users. If an employee leaves, you can reassign their license to a new employee without any additional cost, as long as it falls within the agreed-upon range of employees specified in your contract.

Data & Insights

  • Luppa provides pre-made filters such as organization levels, market, office, age, gender, seniority, and tenure. Additionally, depending on your package, you can add extra filters to deepen your understanding of your employees. For example, you can include filters for last salary increase, performance-based segmentation, and more, tailoring your analysis to meet your specific needs.


    Learn more about the power of filters on our blog.

  • Yes, Luppa offers historical comparison of results, allowing you to track progress and changes over time. This enables you to identify trends, measure the impact of interventions, and make data-driven decisions to drive continuous improvement.

  • Yes, Luppa provides the option to filter responses that failed control system questions. You can choose to analyze these responses together with successfully completed ones or separately.

  • Yes, there are 13 questions throughout the Deep Dive survey that require reverse scoring. These questions are phrased negatively or inversely compared to others in the questionnaire, requiring a different approach for accurate interpretation of employee responses.


    These questions are worded negatively, requiring a different approach for interpretation. When an employee selects “strongly agree,” typically representing a positive response (rated as 5 on a scale from 0 to 5), Luppa automatically reverses that score to 0. Similarly, if an employee chooses “strongly disagree,” usually indicating a negative response (rated as 0), Luppa reverses it to 5. This ensures that responses are accurately interpreted, allowing for the identification of areas of concern or strength within the organization.


    Additionally, Luppa’s graphs incorporate a reverse color scheme to facilitate easy identification of reverse-scored questions during result analysis.