Luppa Partnership program

Are you ready to elevate your business and empower your clients with cutting-edge employee satisfaction and engagement solutions? Partner with us and join us in fostering work environments that inspire engagement, loyalty, and overall employee satisfaction.


Embark on a workplace transformation journey with us


If you understand the pivotal role of employee satisfaction in success, you’re ready to unlock new revenue streams, attract diverse clients, and solidify customer loyalty.
Join our community of forward-thinking enterprises, claiming your spot at the forefront of industry innovation.
This is more than a collaboration; it’s your commitment to reshaping success in employee satisfaction and analytics.
Your journey to business excellence starts here.

Why to become a partner

  • Partnership benefits
  • What you’ll get
  • Partnership benefits

    • New revenue streams
    • New client potential
    • Enhanced client retention
    • Lifetime retainer
    • Marketing and promotion opportunities
    • Global reach
    • Client insights
    • Credibility and trust
  • What you’ll get

    • Dedicated account manager
    • Onboarding & support
    • A partner badge
    • Partnership directory
    • Events attendance
    • Promotion
    What you'll get

Are you a good fit

  • HR agency or HR service provider

    Enhance your offerings and strengthen your client relationships by providing data-driven insights from our tool.

  • Business consultancy

    Enhance your strategic advice by incorporating our employee engagement tool, providing clients with data-driven solutions for improved workplace culture.

  • HR product integrator

    Seamlessly integrate our analytics tool into your HR product offerings, empowering clients with comprehensive workforce management capabilities.

  • You want to add new revenue streams

    Diversify your income by partnering with us, expanding your portfolio with our employee engagement analytics tool to meet the growing demand for comprehensive HR solutions.

Partnership models

  • Sales partner

    Get the opportunity to introduce our solution to your network and clients, and grow your business in the spreading field of workplace satisfaction analytics.

  • Consultancy partner

    Empower clients to translate insights from our tool into effective strategies, elevating your consultancy and driving overall business impact. Transform workforce dynamics for lasting organizational success.

  • Sales & Consultancy partner

    Offer a comprehensive solution by incorporating our product into your portfolio. Be the preferred partner for organizations seeking both the tool and expert guidance to optimize their workforce dynamics.


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  • HR Fabrika is driven to be inspiration for people solutions and to customers and somehow magic happened that we have connected to Luppa which offers what we believe in. The tool itself is not just a solution but an enhancement to HR practices. Luppa’s focus on professional orientation, high-level customer experience, the scientific approach to questionnaire design and market benchmarking sets a new standard and ensures extremely reliable results.
    Proudly partnering Luppa in Serbia and strive to bring employee satisfaction and engagement measurement to the next level!

    Jelica Radović
    HR Consultant and Managing Partner in HR Fabrika