4 signs your company may be at risk of high employee turnover rate

Are you aware of the reasons why your employees leave your company?

Research shows that deeper organizational problems, which are not on an operational level of business, have a huge impact on employees' decisions to leave your company.  Of course, employees might have some personal reasons, but companies need to think outside of the box and do everything in their power to prevent high employee turnover rate. First step is detecting the main weaknesses inside your organization. Just scroll down and read all about the most common signs for employee turnover.

Lack of purpose and vision

If the employees are aware and personally aligned with the purpose and vision of the company, they are more likely to be more engaged, proactive and to go an extra mile for the team. It is your job to focus on these employees and maintain the high level of motivation that they have. If, on the other hand, employees' values are not aligned with the values of the company they work for, these employees have a 70% probability to leave your company within the first year of employment. 

The company doesn’t invest in employees' development 

One of the most common and important motivational drivers for your people is personal and professional development. We all know it, but it can easily be put aside because of neverending to-do lists and project tasks. However simple - focus on development plans, coaching, mentoring and 1 on 1 talks with your team members. It can be insightful for you and inspirational for them! Just let them know that their satisfaction and development is important to you.

Communicating is not effective

Transparency is not a buzzword anymore - because transparency without action steps that lead to change can easily destroy the motivation of your employees and shake up your corporate culture at its core. So, take a step back and start from the beginning - define channels and start using tools that will allow you to really hear what your employees are trying to tell you. Trust your employees when they tell you about the problems they are facing and act on them - because every opinion matters!

Employees don’t feel valued enough

All the hard work, overtime, proactive approach, open communication and suggestions for improvement - it was all for nothing! 

This is the last thing that you want to hear in the hallway of your company. Just think about whether you are appreciating your employees enough. This is not a benefit that you will write about in your employer branding strategy - but sure is the most impactful one. So keep an eye on the ones that try their best and seek validation and praise, because that is what is important to them.

We hope this is helpful for your company! Finally, remember the most important thing for business - communicate, listen and act on information.