Luppa AI: Introducing state-of-the-art technology to revolutionize employee engagement and satisfaction


From the very beginning, Luppa has been innovating and expanding at a remarkable speed. Every quarter, Luppa gains new clients, ventures into new markets, and, most importantly, introduces new features and capabilities.

This groundbreaking technology represents a global innovation, enhancing Luppa's value even further. Luppa AI is now launching live and will be included in the Enterprise package, marking a major milestone in our journey.

The challenge

The usual simplified HR process for increasing employee satisfaction and engagement consists of two phases:

  • Analytics: to have best possible picture of positive and negative segments of employee satisfaction/engagement
  • Action plans: Concrete points on how to increase employee satisfaction/engagement.

Until now, Luppa was striving to be globally the best employee engagement analytics tool and HR (internal or external ) would work on action plans.

But there were very often situations like this:

  • Small enterprises don’t have HR 
  • Large enterprises have HR, but also thousands of teams. For real impact, every team would need their own action plan and HR doesn’t have even close resources.

Luppa AI

Luppa AI is state of the art technology which uses all the comprehensive data available including company data, industry and market benchmarks, importance matrices, and employee contextual data. It also considers company context such as industry, size, markets, and demographic ratios. Combining this with deep industry knowledge, Luppa AI generates real-world action plans that are specific, actionable, and delivered in real time.

Main action plan

The main action plan utilizes data from all dimensions and factors, comparing them against benchmarks and an importance matrix to develop a comprehensive strategy. The AI generates a dozen action points that, while more general, provide an excellent starting point and direction for future focus.

Dimension action plan

The dimension-specific action plan leverages data from a single dimension, comparing it to benchmarks to craft a targeted strategy. The AI produces several highly specific and actionable points tailored to that particular dimension.

Factor action Plan

The factor-specific action plan draws on data from a single factor, benchmarking it to develop a targeted strategy for the given dimension. The AI generates several highly specific and actionable points focused on that particular factor.

Additional comments

Handling a substantial volume of responses In larger enterprises - sometimes hundreds or even thousands of open-ended answers—can present significant challenges in terms of reading, analyzing, and deriving conclusions. This process can often be time-consuming, requiring hours or even days to complete. AI, however, reads all of the comments, analysis and generates summary conclusion, sentiment analysis (percentage of positive, negative and neutral) and thematic analysis (information organized in topics structured in topic title and topic description) within several seconds.

Open questions

In larger enterprises, managing a high volume of responses (hundreds or even thousands of open-ended answers) which are very heavy to read, analyze and conclude can be challenging. AI reads all of the answers, analyzes and generates summary conclusion, sentiment analysis (percentage of positive, negative and neutral) and thematic analysis (information organized in topics structured in topic title and topic description) within mere seconds.

First version

Version launching on July 15th is Luppa AI version 1. However, our strategy is to continuosly improve and upgrade Luppa AI every month. These improvements will come from from increased data points, accumulated experience, and valuable feedback from HR.

Use cases

To prove Luppa AI result quality, research was organized to test in real life situations compared to real HRs with experience of 2-10 years. Even though this is just the first version, results showed that AI scored above the average and that the vast majority is not able to even detect which action plan is developed by a real person or AI.

Read full research here.

Experience the cutting-edge technology of Luppa AI from July 15th and revolutionize your approach to employee engagement and satisfaction.

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