Case study

How going live with Luppa results supercharged applicant numbers by 65%

  • Employees 120+
  • LOCATION Zagreb, Belgrade, Mostar, New York

About company

Founded in 2009, Degordian is the pioneering social media agency in Croatia, now a leading player in the Adria region. With offices in Zagreb, Belgrade, Mostar, and New York, boasting over 120 employees. Three sister companies stemming from Degordian employ over 300 people collectively. Today, Degordian operates as a hub of five niche agencies, each specializing in different areas but sharing a common goal of impacting businesses positively. Our digital-first approach ensures tailored solutions for brands, while remaining flexible to offline strategies when necessary.

The challenge

In today's fiercely competitive job market, attracting, retaining, and upskilling talent has never been more critical for organizations worldwide. The clear scarcity of skilled workers can be seen in the findings of the PwC’s CEO Survey, where almost 80% of CEOs are concerned about skills shortages and believe that skill issues are a serious threat to sales and revenue growth.

Moreover, the rising costs of advertising and the shrinking pool of qualified candidates make recruitment even more challenging.

This global trend was affecting Degordian, a digital agency based in Croatia. Despite having above-average employee satisfaction levels, Degordian faced challenges in recruiting top-tier talent. This predicament led to prolonged hiring cycles, escalated recruitment expenses, and restricted access to a diverse pool of skilled candidates.

Our solution

In response to the challenges faced by Degordian in attracting top talent, the company embarked on an innovative and transformative journey. Trying to find a solution, Degordian made a public announcement of their results and encountered surprisingly good results. 

Recognizing the critical role of highlighting employee satisfaction in recruitment efforts, Degordian turned to Luppa to enhance their strategy. Through close collaboration, Luppa devised and implemented a practical and innovative solution that has since transformed Degordian's recruitment process and raised the bar for industry HR practices.

At the core of this solution is a user-friendly, simple and highly transparent landing page – This provides a comprehensive view of Degordian's employee satisfaction data, showcasing both the positive and challenging aspects of working at the company. Prospective employees now have an unparalleled opportunity to gain deep insights into Degordian’s work culture. By sharing unfiltered information, this initiative empowers candidates to make informed decisions about their career path and whether Degordian aligns with their goals.

This unique Satisfaction Landing Page is seamlessly integrated into every job posting on the Degordian website, inviting potential candidates to see current employee satisfaction rates up close. This transparency goes beyond mere data; it builds trust and authenticity.

The results have been impressive. By publicly sharing this data, Degordian has not only encouraged but also convinced individuals to apply, leading to a significant increase in the conversion rate from visitors to applicants. The overall conversion rate prior to the changes stood at 2.47%, but post-implementation, it rose to 4,07%, marking a remarkable 65% increase.

Companies that openly display employee satisfaction allow individuals to align personal values with potential employers. This transparency benefits both employers and job seekers by providing insight into workplace culture and values. For companies, it serves as a public declaration of their commitment to their employees and the values they uphold. On the other side, job seekers gain insight into the factors that truly matter to them in a workplace, allowing them to make informed career choices in alignment with their values and expectations.

Key benefits

  • Improved talent quality

  • Increased applicant numbers

  • Enhanced Employer branding

  • The potential for reduced advertising costs

  • The tool is simple to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to monitor and moderate the survey while it is open, which was useful to us during the process management. The anonymity of the questionnaire is a significant benefit because it allows our employees to provide us with honest feedback without hesitation. Using Luppa allowed us to see the state of the organization more clearly, allowing us to make decisions that actively contribute to the development of employee satisfaction.

    Martina Verović
    Human Resources Director, Rimac Automobili
  • Very intuitive tool. It has all the features we’ve needed for detailed analysis and drawing conclusions, as well as creating an action plan. The characteristics that impressed us the most were the trends that have been displayed in several ways, either graphically or numerically. Extracting reports and a very clear overview of average grades at all levels within the tool are also a big advantage.

    Marija Hrebac Hlobik
    HR Manager, ASEE

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