Case study

Strategies for workplace triumph: HSMs journey from great to exceptional with Luppa

  • Employees 30+
  • LOCATION Offices in Zagreb and Belgrade

About company

For several years, the company has been tailoring technology to meet the unique needs of its clients, collaboratively addressing their business challenges. The focus remains steadfast on technology, yet the essence of HSM is succinctly captured in its slogan – 'Human Sense Moves technology and business.' This articulation emphasizes the central role of the human factor in steering the company's entire narrative.

In addressing clients' business challenges, HSM spearheads global technological solutions across all domains. As a recognised Salesforce Consulting Partner, the company extends implementation services for Salesforce solutions, with a primary emphasis on CRM systems dedicated to sales enhancement, marketing automation, and customer support. Boasting a track record of over 55 Salesforce implementations for diverse local and international clients, HSM's expertise stands as a testament to its capabilities.

With a notable presence spanning more than two decades in the market, the company also holds the distinction of serving as an Adobe Distributor. It has successfully collaborated with over 150 Adobe partners across Europe, solidifying its position in the industry. Bringing the narrative full circle, HSM aligns with Google solutions and interactive screens, empowering its clients for more efficient daily operations and heightened productivity.

The challenge

The privilege of being a smaller company allows HSM to maintain a highly individualized approach to its employees. The organization places great importance on actively listening to the voices that constitute the HSM team, seeking to understand both their sources of satisfaction and the challenges they encounter. HSM is committed to addressing these challenges proactively, avoiding their accumulation. Therefore, the company fosters a culture of continuous, open, and transparent communication.

To achieve this, various activities are regularly implemented, ranging from quarterly discussions between team leaders and members to one-on-one sessions with HR for all employees. Team coffees with HR, as well as informal gatherings, are also part of the routine. These initiatives are designed to elevate the growth and performance of individuals within HSM and cultivate high-quality interpersonal relationships within the organization.
Despite already maintaining high levels of employee satisfaction through these practices, HSM recognized the need to gain deeper analytical insights into employee satisfaction across different segments. The company aimed to benchmark itself against the market and industry and systematically monitor changes over time. Consequently, HSM decided to grow its existing HR processes with a tool that facilitates a more nuanced understanding of employee needs. The goal is to simplify this analytical process, making it both intuitive and efficient for the organization to adapt to evolving dynamics in the workplace.

Our solution

What initially drew HSM to Luppa was its team which had a profound understanding of the company's needs and their effective approach to addressing them. Luppa as the intuitive tool provided a promising solution, allowing HSM to conduct anonymous satisfaction surveys across all relevant segments. Encouraged by the potential benefits, HSM embarked on a collaborative project with Luppa and conducted a Deep Dive survey

The outcome was particularly gratifying, revealing that the overall satisfaction level among HSM employees was already very high. Factors such as engagement and eNPS were notably robust, affirming that the organization was on the right track. Equally crucial was the deeper insight gained into specific segments that could be further enhanced to create an even more conducive environment for HSM employees. An essential aspect was the willingness of individuals to openly share questions, comments, compliments, and suggestions for improvement. This demonstrated a collaborative effort in fostering an open and supportive environment for communication on various topics. Moreover, all the results were compared with the market and industry benchmarks giving an even better understanding and the context of the results. 

The obtained results proved highly valuable in shaping various HR activities for the upcoming period and crafting a strategy for the next year. HSM plans to conduct another round of Deep Dive survey for the entire organization where the Luppa platform stands out as a significant advantage, offering the capability to easily compare results with the previous survey and enabling HSM to make even more informed and high-quality decisions. Following the Deep Dive survey HSM is gearing up to implement Pulse surveys as well as an additional tool in their strategic arsenal. These Pulse surveys will enable the company to effectively, swiftly, and monitor and track trends within the organization. The goal is to assess the effectiveness of the action plans put in place, ensuring that they align with the identified needs and aim to maintain a dynamic and responsive strategy.

Key benefits

  • Honest and transparent feedback

  • Structured and analytically approached insights

  • Market and industry benchmarks

  • Time-saving process

  • The tool is simple to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to monitor and moderate the survey while it is open, which was useful to us during the process management. The anonymity of the questionnaire is a significant benefit because it allows our employees to provide us with honest feedback without hesitation. Using Luppa allowed us to see the state of the organization more clearly, allowing us to make decisions that actively contribute to the development of employee satisfaction.

    Martina Verović
    Human Resources Director, Rimac Automobili
  • Very intuitive tool. It has all the features we’ve needed for detailed analysis and drawing conclusions, as well as creating an action plan. The characteristics that impressed us the most were the trends that have been displayed in several ways, either graphically or numerically. Extracting reports and a very clear overview of average grades at all levels within the tool are also a big advantage.

    Marija Hrebac Hlobik
    HR Manager, ASEE

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