Stethoscope becomes Luppa

When we launched Stethoscope, we thought of it as a hobby with the intention of building the best employee satisfaction analytics tool for our mother company, Degordian. We never dreamed of creating something as huge and successful as it is today. 

When we came up with the name - Stethoscope, it resonated with us for a very specific reason: it encapsulated our vision of creating a tool that enables organizations to listen closely to the heartbeat of their teams. It struck a chord with the idea of scanning and exploring the inner workings of an organization, much like a medical stethoscope probes the intricacies of the human body. 

What we did not take into much consideration was the fact that there is already a medical tool stethoscope which thousands of doctors are searching for every day on the internet. We struggled here, as it didn’t work in our favor when it comes to SEO, which is important for every digital solution, so we decided to rebrand in order to meet our business goals, which include worldwide expansion, investments, tool enhancements, and many more ambitious plans.

Today, Stethoscope is not a hobby anymore, but a successful, fast-growing, funded startup with huge ambitions and plans for the future. Today, we are delighted to introduce our new name and brand, Luppa, as we embark on an exciting new chapter.

This rebranding represents a significant milestone in our journey and positions us to better serve our customers going forward.

Introducing Luppa

Without waiting any longer, we are excited to introduce you to Luppa - Magnify your employee satisfaction and engagement! The name’s short but we think it perfectly embodies the essence of who we are and what our vision is. With Luppa, we’re embracing a fresh new identity that perfectly reflects our values, and we believe it will resonate strongly with all our stakeholders.

Luppa’s vision

At the heart of our rebranding lies a clear and ambitious vision. "Lupa" is an old Croatian word for a magnifying glass, and that succinctly encapsulates our mission - to help you discover the sources of (dis)satisfaction among your employees with a magnifying glass. We are building the best employee satisfaction analytics tool globally. Luppa envisions a world where employees live much happier lives, and job-employee fit is much greater than it is now. We believe that happier and overall more engaged employees create a sustainable, positive, and encouraging workplace, as well as stronger, more successful, and more profitable companies.

We aim to be the leading force in our industry, setting new standards of excellence and redefining how HR teams operate.

What's new?

The rebranding goes beyond just a new name and a logo. We have invested countless hours in improving our product to ensure our customers get the best experience possible. With Luppa, you can expect:

  • An even bigger commitment to developing best-in-class employee satisfaction analytics tool with a focus on even more innovation and continuous improvements
  • A completely redesigned UX with improved graphs, filtering options and benchmarks
  • New features such as the manager view, improved employee privacy, churn predictor and many more

Rebranding process

When it came to rebranding, our friends from Degordian and Branddoctor (2013) helped us out, leading us step by step through this complex process. The name is a result of joint forces of Degordian and Brandoctor, while the visual identity and all other materials were produced by Degordian. If you are interested in learning about what this process looks like, click here.

The Road Ahead

The future is looking bright for Luppa. Ignited by a renewed focus on excellence and innovation, we are committed to delivering an improved product, a faster breakthrough to new markets and territories, and expanding our team. Our vision remains clear, and client satisfaction and success will continue to be our driving force.

Want to start using Luppa?

Ready to experience the benefits of Luppa for yourself? Head over to our website now and request a demo. And remember to take advantage of our limited-time rebranding offer! Use promo code rebranding2023 to claim a 30% discount for the first year when purchasing.

We are very thankful for the unwavering support and trust put into us so far. Together, we will soar to new heights and make a lasting impact on the world!

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